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What is QR2ORDER?

QR2ORDER is an all-in-one solution: a complete website with reservations, online ordering, and events management for your restaurant, including a digital menu/catalog solution that allows you to provide a digital product list to your clients by scanning a QR code or typing an URL.
You can customize your menu as you like and apply and customize predefined themes. You can allow the customer to order at the table, per-order at a table so when he arrives, food is almost ready, pickup order, or delivery everything with a real-time update.
You can also allow the customer to place reservations directly from the digital menu or google maps with instant approval.
A QR Code is a 2-D square-shaped black and white barcode that can be read by smartphones. QR Codes store information that can be used to make a call, send a message/email, open a website..
Our system supports any currency and region. Online payments are only available in countries supported by the payment gateways we have integrated currently. If you need a new gateway, just let us know, and we will do our best to integrate it
QR2ORDER basic plan is free. But you can choose a paid plan that suits your needs.
Starting QR Menu Premium for a small monthly fee, you have a complete website with online ordering, events and reservation system
Yes, you can use your domain by adding an A record on your DNS to "".
example : qr.your-domain A ""
We will generate a SSL certificate for you.
You can color any type of color on your QR code the way you want it to be.
However, there are certain rules you need to follow in making your QR code colors correct to make them readable and scannable, so it is important to remember :
- Never to invert your QR Code colors. The pattern color should always be darker than the background color. QR Code readers are set to scan QR Codes with a darker contrast to the background.
- The contrast of your QR Code colors should be observed
- avoid blurry QR Codes
- don’t get your QR code pixelated
- adjust the size of your QR code depending on the advertising environment
If you need a menu / catalog then the answer is yes. Whatever your business is (restaurant / bistro / trattoria / osteria / pizzeria / taverna / teahouse / cafeteria / steakhouse / coffee shop / pub / bar, etc.. ) a digital menu can be useful and generate more customer satisfaction.
You can give more control to the customer by allowing him to order directly on table, make reservations from google maps or digital menu with instant confirmation.
You can add product options for customers to easily customize their order directly from the digital menu.
No! Everything is included in your plan. We don't have hidden fees and we take care of hosting and maintenance.
Yes. You can easily create a booking to block all the tables from back-end.
This way all the booking channels are blocked. Customer can't reserve a table in that interval from front-end or google maps.
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.
There are no contracts or additional fees. You only pay the cost of your plan. If you pay for a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time through the online admin interface.
Customers searching for your venue on Google or Google maps will see the option to "Reserve a table" where they can view your availability and complete a reservation directly into your qr2order account.
Yes. Customers can modify their bookings from google if they were created via Reserve with Google or your website anytime with instant confirmation. If they cancel the reservation, they need to create a new one.
No. New countries are added all the time. Your business will be automatically added when the service is available in your country.
Please check availability on Google:
You can set up to get WhatsApp notifications and emails (as many as you set up)
If your account is set up rightly (tables, timezone, opt-in, open hours), your business will be automatically added to google maps. You can opt-in/out anytime from your account.
The reservation slots are generated based on your configured table seating. You can choose the time between them from 15 to 60 minutes.
The system will not overbook. One table booking can take multiple reservation slots based on configuration, and before any booking, we check if there are enough slots available. All you need to do is insert bookings from other channels inside the application.
Yes. You can create multiple ticket types with different pricing and sell them directly on your website. Customers can pay with your configured payment gateways. We do not take any commissions.
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