Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is QR2ORDER

QR2ORDER is a digital menu/catalog solution that allows you to provide a digital product list to your clients by scanning a QR code or type an URL. Clients can see your categories, products with photos, descriptions prices. Your catalog will be attractive and user-friendly. You can customize your menu as you like and apply predefiend themes.
A QR Code is a 2-D square-shaped black and white barcode that can be read by smartphones. QR Codes store information that can be used to make a call, send a message/email, open a website, or even redirect to a location.
QR2Order can be used worldwide.
QR2ORDER basic plan is free. We are working on payed plans to implement tables management and orders.
Yes, you can use your domain by adding an A record on your DNS to "" and it's free.
EG. qr.your-domain A ""
You can color any type of color on your QR code the way you want it to be.
However, there are certain rules you need to follow in making your QR code colors correct to make them readable and scannable, so it is important to remember :
- Never to invert your QR Code colors. The pattern color should always be darker than the background color. QR Code readers are set to scan QR Codes with a darker contrast to the background.
- The contrast of your QR Code colors should be observed
- avoid blurry QR Codes
- don’t get your QR code pixelated
- adjust the size of your QR code depending on the advertising environment
If you need a menu / catalog then the answer is yes.
Whatever your business is (restaurant / bistro / tratoria / osteria / pizzeria / taverna / teahouse / cafeteria / steakhouse / coffee shop / pub / bar, etc.. ) a digital menu can be useful and generate more customer satisfaction.