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Join our easy-to-use affiliate program and earn money by referring businesses. Earn the entire amount of their second paid invoice and a 10% commission monthly. Withdraw earnings to your PayPal. Start earning today!


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How does the affiliate program work?

  1. 1. Register as an affiliate
  2. 2. Create URLs
  3. 3. Share and promote your URLs or show your URL QR directly to the business.
  4. 4. Business register using your unique URLs.
  5. 5. When a business pays the second invoice, you get in your wallet the same amount of the invoice (depending on the chosen payment plan) and 10% monthly from every paid invoice!
  6. 6. Withdraw your money. (via PayPal)

Learn how to earn money with our easy-to-use affiliate program. Simply register as an affiliate, create unique URLs, and share or promote them to businesses. When a business registers using your URL, you'll earn the entire amount of their second paid invoice. Plus, receive an additional 10% commission monthly for every paid invoice. Withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal account.