How to add staff and set up their permissions for your restaurant?

We made adding your staff members and setting permissions quick and easy.

First, go to the staff in the left sidebar. You can create new staff members or modify existing ones from your list.

QR2ORDER : Admin side restaurant staff listing

Here you can see all your staff. If you need to add a new one, you can do it from the top right button "Add staff". Once you click on this button, a new window will pop up. Here you have to fill in all the details and permissions of your new staff member. Then click on "Add".

All the form inputs explained:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Telephone
  4. Email (has to be unique in the system)
  5. Password - please choose a strong password
  6. Avatar - recommended if you want to promote your staff member on the homepage 
  7. Job title - recommended if you want to promote your staff member on the homepage  
  8. Show on homepage - you can promote your staff with name, job title, and avatar on the homepage
  9. Permissions - you can customize the permissions as you need for each staff member
    • Business
      • Update -> only manangers should have it, they can modify business info including payments methods!
    • Menu
      • Update -> update the menu, including categories, products, and products options values
      • Delete -> can remove items from the menu (categories, products, products options and values)
    • Orders
      • View -> can view the orders
      • Update -> can update the orders
      • Delete -> can remove items from the menu (categories, products, products options values)
    • Tables
      • View -> can view all the tables
      • Update -> can modify the tables
      • Delete -> can remove tables
    • Customers
      • View - can view customers
      • Update - can update customers
      • Delete - can remove customers
    • Staffs
      • View - can view all staff members
      • Update - can update other staff members
      • Delete - can remove other staff members
    • Reservations
      • View - can view all reservations
      • Update - can update reservations
      • Delete - can remove reservations
    • Ingredients
      • View - can view ingredients
      • Update - can update ingredients
      • Delete - can remove ingredients
    • Events
      • View - can view all the events
      • Update - can update all events
      • Delete - can remove events
    • Events ticket types
      • View - can view ticket types.
      • Update - can update ticket types.
      • Delete - can remove ticket types.
    • Events orders
      • View - can view the events orders
      • Update - can update the events orders
      • Delete - can remove the evens orders. (not recomended, is better to modify the status)
    • Events tickets
      • View -  can view tickets details.
      • Update - can update a ticket (scan and mark it as entered)
      • Delete - can remvoe the events tickets (not recomended)

Backend add/edit staff form.

With this level of permission flexibility, you can easily limit your staff members to using what they need to complete their job. E.g., You can quickly set up limits for the waiters to handle orders or for hostesses to manage reservations (view and update).