How to configure product options?

First you need to create options and for each option you can create multiple values.

Set up your option:

  1. Choose if it is required or not. Customers must choose at least one value before adding it to the cart if set as required.
  2. You can allow the customer to select multiple values (for example, multiple sauces) or allow only one value. (example: size as large or medium).
  3. Choose the order you want to appear (lower are going on top).
  4. Option name.
  5. You can use the AI translator assistant.

Set up option values:

  1. Choose an option.
  2. You can link it to a product. If you connect it to a product, you can skip the name and will use product stock and ingredients.
  3. You can set up a default price (you can overwrite this price anytime when you assign the option value to a product).
  4. You can allow the customer to select the desired quantity (for example: how many buns or scoops).
  5. You can reorder the option values inside the option.
  6. Set up the name for each language.
  7. You can set up ingredients used by the option value.