How to configure business tables and seating?

The tables are required to generate slots for online reservations and table ordering.

There are a few ways to configure the tables.

You can easily configure the tables in backend -> Qr2Menu -> My business -> Tables tab.

You have the link to "Manage tables" on the top right.

A new dialog will open on click, and you can manage all the tables simultaneously.

  1. Each table has a unique identifier and is incremented when you click the clone button.
  2. You can set the minimum number of seats allowed for reservations
  3. How many seats the table has (required for slots reservations)
  4. You can remove the table
  5. You can clone the row, and the unique identifier will automatically be incremented.
  6. You can drag it to reorder the tables.
Seating and tables quick edit.

Another way you can add/modify/remove tables one by one.

You can check all the tables in:  backend -> Qr2Menu -> Tables.

You can also see/open all the table's QR codes in the restaurant tables listing. Each QR code is a unique link that allows the customer to order directly at the table or call for the waiter or check.

Here you can right-click to open the row menu or use the actions on each row. If you use the right-click, the table form will open inside a dialog, otherwise will open on the table form page.

restaurant admin tables listing

When you click to edit, a dialog will open, and you can modify the restaurant table.

Edit table dialog for restaurants