How to register my business

You can quickly register your business at

You need only basic info to complete the registration:
  1. Company name it's used for identification and invoices
  2. Plan: we have multiple plans that will set up quota and account restrictions. You can update/downgrade your plan anytime. (downgrading will apply from the next billing month)
  3. Subdomain: you can choose a unique free subdomain on where customers can access your digital menu.
  4. Choose available languages for the menu: You can choose as many languages as you need for your menu. We also have implemented translations to help you translate your menu to selected languages. If some items are not translated don't worry they will appear with the default language.
  5. Default language: The language that will be used to load the menu as default.
  6. Fill up user details
Simple as that your business is now registered and you have access to the backend.

Register my business form